Old Glory Core Fixed Income


Sub-Adviser:  Ameritas Investment Partners, LLC

Firm Location:  Lincoln, NE and Cincinnati, OH

Assets under Management as of December 31, 2014:  $14 Billion

Investment Professionals:  20 professionals

Ownership:  Wholly-owned subsidiary of The Union Central Life Insurance Co.

Average Quality of Portfolio:  Above Investment Grade

Benchmark:  Barclays Aggregate Index


Investment Philosophy


Ameritas' core fixed income strategy is centered on the belief that successful fixed income investing requires finding the best relative value through a disciplined process that emphasizes risk management and fundamental research.  This bottom-up approach adds incremental value by actively managing sectors, quality and individual securities, while limiting risk by constraining duration around the benchmark.


Portfolio managers create value by making gradual portfolio shifts, addressing yield curve changes, and rotating to the most attractive sectors.  At the same time, risks are minimized by avoiding short-term market timing, aggressive over and underweighting, and highly structured or illiquid issues.  Ameritas is able to tailor fixed income portfolios around client-specified benchmarks.




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