Old Glory Enhanced Core Fixed Income


Sub-Adviser:  JAG Capital Management

Firm Location:  St. Louis, Missouri

Assets under Management as of December 31, 2014:  $1.2 billion

Founded:  1945

Investment Professionals:  18 professionals

Ownership:  100% Employee Owned

Average Quality of Portfolio:  Above Investment Grade

Benchmark:  Barclays Aggregate Index


Investment Philosophy


JAG seeks to deliver consistently competitive fixed-income total returns coupled with lower interest-rate risk than the benchmark over a full market cycle.  JAG’s value-centric, low-turnover bond strategy has a consistent overweight to corporate securities. 


JAG does not take an active yield-curve bet.  They consistently maintain a low-to-intermediate average duration profile.  This minimizes interest-rate risk and contributes to favorable upside/downside capture.  Credit analysis focuses on “simple stories” with a sensible policy of avoiding what they do not understand.


JAG looks for securities that present the best relative value based on credit and sector analysis.  Their “bottom-up” approach to fixed income portfolio management allows them to uncover unique opportunities by analyzing the credit quality and valuation characteristics of securities and identifying the most attractive candidates for purchase.  They strive to hold securities to maturity or call.




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